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Springbank 10 Year - 2015

750 ml
46% Alc/Vol

There is no question at this moment that Springbank is king of Campbeltown. Having a number of ranges, the main line of offerings is a little unusual in today’s whisky market in being comprised of only scotches with age statements. This distillery, completely family owned, takes great pride in doing the entire whisky-making process on site, from start to finish. The old ways are the good ways, they believe, and it’s hard to argue with their results. For the past several years, the distillery has also offered a Whisky School, which is probably even more amazing than it sounds. While the Hazelburn line is distilled three times and the Longrow twice, the Springbank 10 is distilled two-and-a-half times, providing a product distinct from either.

TypeSingle Malt Scotch Whisky
Size750 ml
Year Bottled2015
Year Distilled2005

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